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2019 Oct 22 & 23
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Public Talk (Catholic Studies Centre, CUHK)
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22/10/2019 Reconciliation: Lonergan’s Idea of Conversion

23/10/2019 A Discerning Church: Pope Francis and Theological Method
Speaker: Fr. Gerard Whalen SJ

Inauguration of the Society of Jesus to take on responsibilities of the Catholic Studies Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong was held before the talk on Oct 23

2018 Dec 28- 30
Wah Yan College Kowloon

Conference: Contemporary Reflection on Ignatian Spirituality
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28/12/2018: 從詮釋學看依納爵靈修的共融性

29/12/2018: Ignatian Elements of a Good Leader
Speakers: Fr. Elton Fernandes SJ, Dr. Y.L.So, Ms. Sally Law, Fr. Fernando Azpiroz SJ

30/12/2018: 在張力中成就培育

2014 Nov 28- Dec 01
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

International Conference on Ignatian Spirituality- An Ignatian Pilgrimage: From Personal Interiority to Shared Apostolic Vision
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Plenary Speeches:
28/11/2014: St. Ignatius as a Pilgrim of the Supreme Reality (Fr. Javier Melloni SJ)

29/11/2014: The Spirit in the Time: History of Ignatian Spirituality (Fr. José García de Castro SJ)

30/11/2014: From Personal Interiority to Shared Apostolic Vision: Ignatian Spirituality as a Way of Living for All (Fr. Cecil Azzopardi SJ)

30/11/2014: The Instinct and Wisdom of Bees (Dr. Marlene Marburg)

1/12/2014: Ignatian Legacy: The Dynamic of Discernment (Fr. Monty Williams SJ)

1/12/2014: Make Love Not War: The Dynamic of Discernment (Mrs. Bernadette Miles)







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