Conference Faculty

1) Fr Michael Amaladoss, S.J.
Fr Michael Amaladoss is a Jesuit from Tamil Nadu, South India. He is a theologian interested in inculturation, interreligious dialogue, spirituality and Christology. He has taught theology in Delhi and Manila, also in Paris, Bruxelles and Washington DC – and in many other places. He has written 29 books and 390 articles, besides editing 6 other books. He has been an Assistant to the Superior General of the Jesuits in Rome. At present he is the Director of the Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions. His books include Beyond Inculturation. Can the Many be One?; Beyond Dialogue. Pilgrims to the Absolute; The Asian Jesus; The Dancing Cosmos. A Way to Harmony; Towards Fullness: Searching for an Integral Spirituality and Making Harmony. Living in a Pluralist World. He also has a diploma in South Indian Music and has composed over 150 devotional songs in Tamil.


2) Ms Johanna Chao
Johanna is a mother, grandmother, and a trained spiritual and retreat director. She is on staff at the Xavier House/Ignatian Spirituality Center in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. In collaboration with the Jesuits of China Province, she directs retreats, organizes and conducts training programs on spirituality and spiritual companionship for clergy, religious and laity in China and Hong Kong extensively. 

Her most recent ten years of ministerial experience includes the following:
- A full-time faculty member at St. John’s Seminary, Boston, where she was the Director of Supervised Ministry, in charge of the pastoral aspect of the priestly formation program of the seminarians.
- She has taught various archdiocesan classes for permanent deacon candidates, Daughters of St. Paul sisters and lay leaders.
- She was also the Director of Spiritual Development in Immaculate Conception Church in Newburyport, and
- Worked as a chaplain in Youville Hospital in Cambridge.


3) Fr Howard Gray, S.J.
Fr Howard Gray, S.J. has served as the Assistant to the President for Special Projects at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., since 2007. Prior to this assignment, he has been Director of Jesuit Formation for the Detroit Province [1968-1975], Rector of the Loyola House Novitiate [1971-1975], Rector of the Weston Jesuit School of Theology [1976-1982], Dean of the Weston School of Theology [1983-1983], Provincial Superior for the Provincial Superior of the Detroit Province [1983-1989], Special Assistant to the President of the East Asian Assistancy [1989-1990], Director of Tertians in the USA International Tertianship [1990-1996], Fellow of the Jesuit Institute at Boston College [1996-1997], Founder and Director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Boston College [1998-2001], Rector and Assistant for Mission and Identity at John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio [2001-2007]. He has written extensively in the areas of Ignatian Spirituality, the Exercises, Mission and Ministry. He has given a number of workshops on Ignatian topics in the USA, the UK and Ireland, East Africa, South East Asia, and Australia. He recently worked with Fr William Barry and Walter Farrell on a three-week intensive workshop for younger Jesuits on the Apostolate of Ignatian Spirituality.


4) Fr Peter McIsaac, S.J.
Fr Peter McIsaac was born in Canada in 1965. After completing a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto in 1989, he entered the Society of Jesus. After taking vows in 1991, he completed one year of studies in Chicago, and was assigned to Jamaica for regency, where he was engaged in Primary education in an inner city school (1992 – 1994). He was then sent to Hekima College in Nairobi, Kenya, for the first degree in Theology; and returned to Toronto for a Licentiate in theology and ordination.

While awaiting missioning to Jamaica in 1999, he work for a short time among the Indigenous Canadians of the North. Once in Jamaica he worked for two years in social ministries, while living in West Kingston, a volatile and extremely impoverished neighbourhood of Jamaica’s capital; and then assumed the responsibilities of the pastor in that neighbourhood (2001 – 2007).  He was appointed Regional Superior in 2006, and is presently Chair of five schools in the Kingston area, while also directing the deaconate programme for the Archdiocese, teaching at the local Catholic theological college, and is President of the Conference of Religious of the Antilles. He became a citizen of Jamaica in 2009, and continues to live in West Kingston.


5) Ms Bernadette Miles
Bernadette is the Director of Campion Centre of Ignatian Spirituality (a Jesuit Retreat House in Melbourne, Australia) and is married with four boys.  She trained in spiritual direction and theology after twenty years of computer consulting and business management and has a special interest in formation of apostolic leadership and applying the concepts of Ignatian Spirituality to Organisational Development.

Bernadette is the National Coordinator of the Arrupe Program which is the Australian Province’s formation program for Spiritual Directors in the Ignatian Tradition and Givers of the Full Spiritual Exercises.  Bernadette is a member of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Directors and the Executive and teaching faculty of the Institute for Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Formation (ICSPF) offering post-graduate studies in the field of spiritual direction and Ignatian Spirituality. She recently completed her Masters of Applied Science (Organisation Dynamics) at RMIT where her research thesis was entitled One Body, One Spirit, One Mission:Uncovering the Essential Elements of Empowering a Collaborative Ministry Team.


6) Fr Robert Ng, S.J.
Fr Robert Ng is a Jesuit Priest and was born in Macau. He obtained a Master Degree of Philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He then studied Theology in London University and later obtained Master in Theology from Gregorian University in Rome and a Doctorate in Theology in Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University. From 1981, he has been teaching Ethics and Theology in the Holy Spirit Seminary, Hong Kong. He is also the editor of a quarterly Chinese periodical "Spirit" (神思) and writer of several books.




7) Fr Mark Raper, S.J.
Fr Mark Raper SJ is since 2008 the President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific based in Manila. He spent 20 years in the service of refugees, serving during the 1980s as the first director for Jesuit Refugee Service in Asia, based in Thailand. From 1990 to 2000 he was its International Director. Jesuit Refugee Service, with the mission to accompany, serve and defend the rights of forcibly displaced people, has programmes in some 50 countries. In 2001 he held a visiting chair at the Center for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University and was named a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to refugees. He received the Australian Council for International Development 2004 Human Rights Award, in recognition of his long commitment to the advancement of human rights. From December 2002 to July 2008 he was Provincial of the Australian and New Zealand Jesuits and he served as President of Catholic Religious Australia.



8) Fr Arthur Leger, S.J.
Fr Arthur Leger, born in 1955, is from the Pacific Islands, a citizen of Fiji, and joined the Jesuits in Micronesia in 1994. He has a long career as an educator, both before joining the Society and afterwards. He has completed Master’s degrees in Educational Administration, Christianity and Culture, and in Divinity. At Gonzaga University, Spokane, he completed a doctorate in Leadership Studies, with his thesis on the pastoral approach of Church leaders in the Pacific. Fr Leger is especially alert to questions of culture, cultural differences, and the way these realities affect spirituality and religious practices. He has interest in pastoral adaptation and renewal, questions central to the programs of the EAPI.



9) Fr Stephen Tong, S.J.
Stephen is the director of Xavier House since 2004. He was born and brought up in Macau. After joining the Society of Jesus in 1990 and finishing his novitiate formation in Singapore, he studied philosophy in Manila and theology in Hong Kong. He was ordained in 2000, and finished his further study in theology and spirituality in Boston in 2001. His mission from the Society of Jesus is to promote Ignatian spirituality in the Chinese context. He has been giving retreats and various kinds of spiritual formation, both to religious and lay people, in Hong Kong and mainland China.





10) Fr Benoit Vermander, S.J.
Benoit Vermander (魏明德) is a French Jesuit working in China and Taiwan since 1992. He holds doctorates in theology and political science. He has been director of the Taipei Ricci Institute since 1996. He is now teaching spirituality and interreligious dialogue in a leading Chinese university. He has written extensively on Chinese religions and comparative spirituality.






11) Fr Geoffrey Monty Williams, S.J. 
Fr Geoffrey Monty William is the Director of Ministry of Spiritual Direction at Loyola/Regis College, and senior lecturer in Spiritual Theology, University of Toronto, Canada. His presents classes on: Approaches to Spiritual Direction and Discernment; Discerning the Signs of the Times: Contemporary Cultural Analysis and Contemporary Manifestations of Spirituality; An Intensive Double Course on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
He also is liaison with Loyola Retreat House. His work in spirituality and direction started in his formation as a Jesuit in the early seventies. In the summers he can usually be found giving retreats and workshops throughout North America. His work at Loyola Retreat House included teaching workshops, retreat and spiritual direction, and facilitation in discernment. His area of research and interest includes Christian Spirituality, Comparative Spirituality with an interest in Buddhism and Shamanism, Spiritual Direction: Theory and Practice, Spirituality and Post-modernism.

  Organizer: Xavier House Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.
主辦機構:香港 長洲 思維靜院 – 依納爵靈修中心