Post Conference Activities

Theme Retreat on Matthew's Beatitudes (Full)
(conducted in English)

Director: Fr. Monty Williams, S.J.
Date: 4th to 10th December 2014
Venue: Xavier House, 27 Peak Road, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong
Fee: HKD$4500
Enrollment: Please visit Xavier House website

The path of the Beatitudes in Matthew's Gospel is a spiritual journey which carries us from where we are to becoming united to Christ in this world. It carries us through stages that open onto the next one and each stage brings us further along the path of liberation. It is a journey into love which allows us to present to God those traps which stop us from loving.

We journey towards God in our daily lives. God also journeys in us to the depths of our being where we are open and intimate with that compassionate mercy. As the lover and the beloved come close to each other, both are changed. We become more human, and we discover God as if for the first time. The journey through the beatitudes is a journey into spiritual intimacy, into becoming more and more alive, and into discovering the power of God whose desire is to let us see and know and love ourselves the way the Trinity sees and knows and loves us all.

The path of the beatitudes reveals the mercy of God in our lives and invites us to share that mercy with whomever we meet.  To repeat, this path is really a falling in love.