Ignatian Pilgrimage

Ignatius calls himself a pilgrim in his Autobiography. A pilgrim, as each one of us is supposed to be, is a person on a life journey to a 'holy destination'.  What has Ignatius shared with us through his pilgrimage? What is the personal interiority for each one of us on our own pilgrimage? Moreover, as Christians today, what are we called to in our shared apostolic vision?

In this conference, speakers from different parts of the world will take us to journey with Ignatius:

  • To know Ignatius deeper from history and see how his story links with us
  • To explore how Ignatian spirituality has developed historically from the 16th century till now.
  • To consider Ignatius’ spiritual journey as an invitation for all to live out this spirituality tradition and continue this heritage in our contemporary world.
  • To explore how personal and communal discernments, as Ignatian legacy, play the roles for the followers of Christ nowadays.